UI Designer / Developer

I've been described as a UI Designer/Developer who codes, and a coder who designs -- a UI/UX Creator, Design Technologist, Page Builder, DOM Scripter, SASS Magician, AJAX/REST Contortionist, Responsive Engineer, Framework Tinkerer, Angular and Vue Abuser, Dog Lover, and a UI/UX Obsessive. I create responsive websites and apps for individuals and companies of every ilk and location. And most importantly, I know how to make a design technologically feasible. I make designs that work.

What's a UI Designer / Developer?

UI/UX creators are primarily concerned with the "look and feel" of a page/view and work within the DOM to style a page according to project specifications. Front-end developers deal with the data aspects at the page-level. They work primarily with front-end frameworks such as Angular, React, Backbone and so forth and are less concerned with the visual aspects of a page such as padding, font sizes, image responsiveness, content flow and positioning. UI devs manage DOM objects like image, button, form, etc; whereas front-end devs manage javascript objects such as function, array, string, etc. UI/UX creators are page builders and create user flows, wireframes, clickable prototypes, style guides, and page-level objects and behaviors as well; they also make a web page responsive for a legion of modern devices.

Sample URLs

Note: Some of the sample screenshots I present here are of web apps I have designed and developed while employed over the years. Of course, I cannot list a current URL for Hilton Hotels, for example, since they have changed the UI since the one I produced back-in-the-day. These are UIs I actually worked on prior to 2016.  Other Portfolio Screenshots HERE.

See my widget repo in The Sandbox!

Recent Projects

I have extensive design engineering experience producing scalable, flexible web apps, prototypes, wireframes, style guides, PoC's and usability roadmaps. I design application infrastructure, dependencies and content—providing front-end functionality and middle-tier, PHP, JSP, and RoR integration. I develop responsive HTML5 pages and components via Materialize, Bootstrap, and Foundation. I also love creating Angular and Vue (VUEX/NUXT) applications.